Wendy Truran
ENGL 1102
Fall 2020
Spring 2020

I am in conversation with CARE/Counseling Center to devise materials that could extend these tools beyond the classroom and into the broader Georgia Tech student community. In addition, I intend reach out to a new community partner to explore how we might address the inequalities of mental health and self-care for people of color. I would like to invite the Atlanta-based art-activist group “The Nap Ministry” to give a workshop to the class. The Nap Ministry posits rest as a form of resistance, especially for people of color, “because it disrupts and pushes back against capitalism and white supremacy” (“The Nap Ministry,” Aug 2018). My hope is that the class will identify the needs of these community partners, invite them to contribute to the solutions within the toolkit, then benefit from it after. In order to create and maintain a sustainable community it is important to take into consideration the mental and emotional wellbeing of that community, a resilience framework is a useful, interdisciplinary tool for imagining new tools for sustained well being.

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Partner Engagement