Tiffany Johnson
MGT 8803
MGT 4803
Spring 2023
Spring 2022
Summer 2021

Organizations are increasingly trying to understand how to be effective at leading and implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. At the same time, the everyday behaviors involved in doing the work that reflects those strategies is often not as understood. In this class, we not only take a look at the big picture approaches that have been used to created DEI strategy, trainings, and initiatives; we also spend time focusing on the behaviors and practices that will allow for organization members – the workers themselves – to engage in sustained equity work.  With this, students learn about and reflect on the historical and present-day intersections of work, equity, and wellness. Guided by the philosophy of scholars such as Audre Lorde and bell hooks – to heal self on the path to healing society- students will be invited to connect to course content by reflecting on how it resonates with personal and organizational experiences.

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Partner Engagement