Bethany Jacobs
ENGL 1102
Fall 2018

Women in Science Fiction studies women writers, artists, and musicians who use science fiction to propose and debate how we might make our world more sustainable. Engaging topics like race, gender, and the environment, these women craft futures that may sometimes appear fantastical or otherwise out of reach. However, this course asserts the real-world stakes of its subject matter for Georgia Tech students. Our readings will spur discussions and assignments about today’s sustainability challenges. This will include an exciting partnership with Prof. Jonathan Taylor of Civil Engineering, whose expertise will help us to think about our course themes and goals with particular attention to how the engineering field imagines sustainability. * This interdisciplinary mission will marry the speculative with the practical, and lay the foundations for future work at Georgia Tech and beyond.

* Note that in section F2 of ENGL 1102, students will collaborate with Prof. Taylor’s upper division engineering majors on a major assignment.

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Partner Engagement