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This course is part of the Vertically Integrated Projects program, a program where students get credit for working on ongoing projects over multiple semesters. This VIP course explores how embedded sensor and computing technology can be used to promote sustainability in a smart city framework.  The goal is to allow citizens to assess and monitor environmental conditions so that they are empowered to make wise decisions, effect change, and foster healthier, nurturing communities.  The course focuses on designing and deploying reconfigurable embedded sensing and computing platforms around the Atlanta area that collect and analyze environmental data. This includes air quality, UV/visible light levels, sound levels, and weather data, as well as vehicular and pedestrian traffic density and flow.  The idea is to provide this information as a public utility that is accessible by citizens for such uses as planning safe, healthy walking, biking, or commuting routes, and promoting citizen science - for example, engaging elementary/middle school students in observing and tracking differences in air quality across the city. Students in the course will work with the Atlanta community to explore what information is most useful to collect, and to develop real-time data analytics and visualization techniques to make it accessible.

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