Values-Based Leadership- The Individual

Michelle Tullier
Michelle Tullier
Executive Director of the Center for Career Discovery and Development

How would you define this Big Idea?

Definitions of values-based leadership typically involve the notion of leading from a place of self-reflection, consistency, and alignment. When leaders know, and are guided by, their own consistent set of beliefs, values, and work ethics, and those are aligned with an organization’s or enterprise’s values and mission, leadership tends to be more effective.

How is this Big Idea included in your work?

In the Center for Career Discovery and Development ("C2D2"), we have adapted elements of values-based leadership for our approach to career education. Our vision is that, through curricular and co-curricular learning, students will not only get work but will learn how work works. Careers these days are complex and circuitous, so in C2D2 we speak to students about having a sense of purpose -- always knowing the challenges they like to tackle, the problems they want to solve. So, no matter the twists and turns their careers might take over the lifespan, having a consistent sense of purpose can be a steady compass point to keep oneself on track. It's about applying the principles of values-based leadership to one's own career management.

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