Values-Based Leadership- Expanding Beyond the Individual

Bob Thomas
Bob Thomas
Professor of the Practice, Director of Leadership Education

How would you define this big idea?

Values-based leadership means to lead others by remaining consistent with the leader’s beliefs. It is based on the notion that personal and organizational values are aligned: a company’s mission, vision, strategy, performance measures, incentive programs, procedures, and values are all a representation of the leader’s ethics and values.

How is this big idea included in your work?

The Leadership Roundtable was created by the Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneurship to facilitate dialog and learning about value-based leadership amongst members of the faculty and staff of Georgia Tech. Each semester twelve persons are invited to participate in a series of activities that will enhance their understanding of leadership, personal and organizational values. The program provides them with tools and techniques that can be used for leadership development in their given area. The activities of the Leadership Roundtable encourage participants to build relationship with other participants and strengthen community between themselves and future members of the program.

Institute of Leadership & Entrepreneurship ran the program from 2006 – 2014. Over 160 Georgia Tech staff and faculty participated in the program. Our current activities focus on community building and supporting the LRT participants.

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