Lauren Wilcox
CS 3750
Fall 2018

This project-based course covers the process of designing high-quality user interfaces to computing systems. It walks teams step-by-step through the user-centered design process, resulting in novel UI designs that meet users' needs and even delight them. The class covers theories informing UI design and evaluation, reviews the state of the art in interaction and presentation techniques, including user input techniques and the state of the art in graphical, audio, and haptic feedback. It discusses theoretical and empirical approaches to evaluating UIs and socio-technical aspects of design. This class will include a mix of lectures, fun, in-class activities that incorporate design-thinking and (instructor-supported) rapid prototyping and group discussions focused on class readings. The Fall 2018 class will partner with the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) to create supplementary materials for an upcoming exhibit, by allowing project teams to choose an idea for a UI design project related to the exhibit's theme (Design for Good: Architecture for Everyone). As an extension of the exhibit, students will investigate how interactive technology can better connect members of the Atlanta community to local physical spaces.

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