This awareness building short reading and discussion activity allows students to:

  1. Learn more about the importance of sustainability and the effect of food production on the environment. 
  2. The importance of offering potential solutions for climate change. 
  3. Share ways that they might relay information about this issue to audiences. 

Practice public speaking and reflective reading skills.


Review the article "Taking a Bite out of Climate Change" by Anna Lassé, as well as the discussion questions below.
Review and adjust the instructions to students as needed.
Remind students that they should bring a copy of their discussion answers and the annotated article to class.
Depending upon the length of your class, prioritize which specific questions you would like students to respond to during the time allowed for discussion.


Start by listing each document on a separate line then selecting the entire line and clicking the link icon in the toolbar (the one WITHOUT the plus). Select 'Browse Server' then navigate to documents > Toolkit-Docs and choose the correct folder to upload your tool into and then insert the file. Finally, with the entire link selected go to the 'Styles' dropdown in the toolbar above and scroll down to add the relevant PDF/Word/Excel/PowerPoint icon.

Create a bulleted list for any other materials that do not need to be downloaded...

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Time Commitment