Derek Lee
LMC 3403
Spring 2020

The poet Ezra Pound’s famous declaration to “Make It New!” has served as a motto for much of twentieth-century life, a battle cry across the arts and sciences to continually innovate, tinker, and push boundaries. As we press deeper into the twenty-first century, our section of Technical Communication will fuse the dynamic spirit of Pound’s modernism with one of the most important cultural and economic concerns of the present era—sustainability. Maintaining the environment, reducing energy consumption, and “being green” are now widespread elements of the social fabric. This class will pair with Georgia Tech’s Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain (SLS) and maker spaces across campus to produce new green technologies/objects that helps improve sustainability on our campus in some way. As we develop these objects, we will also craft project proposals, video instructions, websites, and oral presentations that explain our creations to a variety of audiences. We will also visit several campus maker spaces, listen to guest speakers, and watch videos to learn about Tech’s sustainability resources. In doing so, we will learn to forge sustainable future together as well as hone our ability to communicate our ideas as effectively as possible.

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Partner Engagement