Ellen Zegura
Carl DiSalvo
Wayne Li
Dan Matisoff
Spring 2016

This course has a GT designation so students in any major can count it towards free electives, and it is additionally cross listed with CS, ARCH and PUBP. You can register for any one of GT 2803 HP2, or PUBP HP2 or ARCH 2803 or GT 4803 HP2 or CS 4803 HP2 and you’ll be in the same class!

We will explore community connections to sustainability, focusing on methods for working with community partners such as asset mapping, participatory design, and ethnography—around issues including water and fracking. We will use Proctor Creek in Westside Atlanta as a local case study and connect local issues to global considerations. Instructors come from computer science, interactive computing, architecture, mechanical engineering, and public policy. The 4803 versions of the class will contain assignments specialized to the discipline, such as developing environmental monitoring technologies or producing a feasibility analysis for Proctor Creek remediation. We welcome students from all majors.

Course Level
Partner Engagement