Sustainable Cities Studio

Fall 2018
Evan Mallen
CP 4052

In this course, we partner with Central Atlanta Progress, who recently completed the Downtown Atlanta Master Plan (, focusing specifically on the goals outlined in chapter 5 regarding restoration of the urban forest downtown and enhancing green infrastructure. Students will break into disciplinary teams to accomplish two goals: 1. Compile or create evidence to support the planning goals and their outcomes outlined in chapter 5, and 2. Identify opportunities and implementation strategies to enhance green infrastructure downtown. Team categories include 1. Engineering & Design, 2. Public Engagement & Communication, and 3. Science & Technology. This team structure allows students to align their studio work with their own interests and expertise, but they will not be independent silos. The students will also share information between teams to inform each others' decisions, providing an interdisciplinary, student-driven learning environment. The lecture component will cover topics including social justice and equity, sustainable design principles, and data collection methodology, along with small units on project management and professional writing. Several guest speakers who are active in various perspectives on developing sustainable communities will also be invited to give lectures and meet with student teams to offer advice and guidance as students develop their strategies and methods. By the end of the course, the students will develop a final plan and presentation to Central Atlanta Progress detailing their design and policy recommendations.

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