Michael Nitsche
LMC 3813
Spring 2024
Fall 2021

The course provides a hands on introduction to hardware prototyping with the Arduino platform. Arduinos are useful microcontrollers that support easy access to external sensors, motors, lights, or other components. The class covers the use of tools, various sensors and actuators, as well as an introduction to the programming of Arduinos. Some coding knowledge is beneficial, but the course itself does not require prior programming experience. The class will not provide an in-depth technological breakdown to cover e.g. the computer science principles but targets an exploration of the Arduino platform for media design experimentation. This will be framed by a number of critical readings to situate our work in relation to ongoing debates on making, prototyping, and physical computing. Thematically, the course will center on environmental issues. We will focus on sensing various environmental data and will align technical session with leaning the sensor technologies to register environmental conditions. The final group project will monitor hyperlocal environmental information on the Georgia Tech campus. Students will have to purchase their own Arduino kits and should expect some additional purchases for key projects. All readings will be online.

Course Level
Partner Engagement