Interested in social innovation but don't know where to start?  Wondering how you can incorporate social innovation into your curricular and co-curricular experience at Georgia Tech?  As we head into Phase I registration season, with the release of the course schedule for summer and fall next week, we want to recap our blog post series on social innovation.

Part 1: Social Innovation - Where Do I Start?

In the first part of our series, Dori Pap, Managing Director of the Institute for Leadership and Social Impact, dives into ways to explore and learn about social innovation through courses and programs at Tech, and how to put social innovation into practice.

Part 2: What Is Social Innovation, Anyway?

In the second part of our series, SLS Director Jennifer Hirsch explores models of social innovation and looks at how Georgia Tech is working to build an approach to social innovation that teaches and advances community-driven models of innovation.

Part 3: Social Innovation That Works

In the third part of our series, Dori Pap speaks with alumna Susan Davis (BIOL'91) about her decades of experience with global development program evaluation and the philosophy of talking openly about failures, so we can learn from them and hopefully avoid them in the future.

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