Dori Pap
MGT 4803
Spring 2024
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Spring 2019

This course is for those curious (maybe even passionate) about social and/or environmental issues, who want to understand the root cause of those issues, and the challenges of providing evidence-based solutions. You will explore topics and master tools like: Impact Gap Canvas, Asset-Based Community Development, Human-Centered Design, systems thinking, social impact assessment, customer discovery, Theory of Change, and more.

A series of hands-on workshops and class discussions, complemented by conversations with experts from the frontlines, will equip you with broadly applicable problem discovery tools and skills that you can apply in any field and career.

The final deliverable is a deep-dive presentation (which could include suggestions for possible solutions) on a specific societal issue given to a panel of practitioners from the social sector (at the Ideas to Serve Competition in the spring semester, or in-class for fall semester course).

This course fulfills two requirements of the SLS Innovating for Social Impact Program: the Dive and the Final Deliverable. It is also a Design Bloc affiliated course.

Everyone with a passion for improving the human condition is welcome!

If you have questions - please email Dori Pap (lead instructor)

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Partner Engagement