Yanni Loukissas
LMC 8803-YL
Spring 2021

Can design help more people productively engage with scientific and technological controversies? Science, Technology, and Society (STS) is an interdisciplinary field that examines such controversies (i.e. smart cities, artificial intelligence, health informatics, and climate change) as well as their entanglements with everyday places and practices. The sensibilities and methodologies of STS, such as actor-network theory, situated knowledges, and sociotechnical imaginaries, will be our starting points for thinking differently about design and for designing different things. The course will be part seminar and part studio. In the early weeks of the term, students will learn about historical and contemporary engagements between STS and design. In later weeks, students will draw upon these precedents to design new experimental concepts and prototypes. Our focus for the design segment will be on environmental controversies in the region. This course counts towards the STS Certificate. No prior experience with STS or design is required. Please email any questions to the instructor.

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