Chen Zhou
ISYE 4800
Fall 2018
Summer 2018

Senior Design is a mentored experience in which students begin the transition from school to engineering practice. In Senior Design, students must learn to apply the theories, methods, and tools they learn in the classroom to situations that are complex, where data are not given, and where the assumptions required by formal analyses may be violated. Therefore, Senior Design is more than a course. It is an opportunity for students to work with a client, team members, and faculty to accomplish something truly meaningful. We encourage students to explore and pursue Senior Design projects that apply the industrial engineer's toolkit to real-world issues beyond the perceived "traditional" domains and industries of the field. To that end, ISyE encourages and supports Senior Design teams pursuing projects that align with the framework of Georgia Tech's Serve-Learn-Sustain initiative, including projects that seek to improve any of the following: 1) civic data and design; 2) innovation for sustainable communities; 3) water and green infrastructure; 4) climate change and energy; 5) sustainability education and youth leadership; 6) good health and well-being; 7) global sustainability and cultural diversity; and 8) GT sustainable campus.

Course Type
ISYE majors only
Course Level
Partner Engagement