Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy

Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy teaches and conducts research on sustainable development. Together with SLS-Affiliated Faculty Brian Woodall, Professor of International Affairs and Director of the Japan Study Abroad Program in Sustainable Development, she is leading the I2S Initiative on Institutions, Infrastructure and the Socio-economy. I2S is a research, education and outreach initiative that aims to develop and apply our understanding of the relationships between institutions, access to civil and other infrastructure services, and the socioeconomic progress of communities. The first phase of the initiative (2016-17) supported three undergraduate students from Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and International Affairs, and one Ph.D. student from Civil and Environmental Engineering. It investigated institutional arrangements, transportation systems and associated socioeconomic conditions for the U.S., Japan and Denmark to highlight institutional and built capital enablers and obstacles to the development of regional prosperity. The work has yielded to date a journal manuscript and grant proposal, both under review.