For a work function with multiple routine processes like human resources, generative AI (GenAI) can be leveraged to streamline and optimize tasks. With this in mind, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) recently partnered with Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) to discuss incorporating GenAI as a common practice.

The objective of the engagement was to strike a balance between technological advancement and the inherent privacy and bias concerns associated with AI in the workplace. OIT Technology Strategist and Senior Architect Brent O’Guin collaborated with GTHR’s Senior Director Kellye Terrell to develop a series of tailored workshops aimed at training HR professionals in the skilled use of GenAI.

A significant aspect of the first workshop was the use of GenAI to draft effective communications for policy changes, ensuring clarity and impact while conveying the benefits of significant updates and encouraging responsible AI usage. Participants also explored the optimization of the hiring process with AI, aligning job descriptions and interview questions with Georgia Tech’s core values and culture, demonstrating GenAI’s role in maintaining institutional integrity. Finally, a customized workshop addressed the emerging issue of AI-driven fraud in recruitment. HR professionals were trained to identify and understand fraudulent tactics, recognize system vulnerabilities, and develop prevention strategies.

The workshops were instrumental in helping the HR design training programs and evaluate policy changes, laying a solid foundation for ongoing continuous improvement in HR practices.