Kate Pride Brown

Courses Taught

Spring 2023
HTS 2831

“The Sociological Imagination” takes seriously the call by C. Wright Mills to combine history and biography as a means to better understand how social forces and structures impact individual lives by reading a biography and analyzing an individual life sociologically.

Fall 2022, Fall 2020, Fall 2018
HTS 3012

Social Theory and Structure (HTS 3102) allows students to read the original writings of the great social thinkers who provided the foundational ideas that inspired the discipline of sociology.

Spring 2022, Fall 2019
SOC 1101
The study of sociology is the study of society, and this introductory course teaches students to see that human communities are more than a collection of individuals, self-determined and self-directing.
Fall 2021, Fall 2018
HTS 3055

Globalization in the Modern Era (HTS 3055) will examine the social, political and economic bases for the phenomenon frequently referred to as "globalization." The course will discuss competing theories regarding the rise of globalization, as well as the divergent consequences that this

Fall 2017
HTS 2803

Natural science can tell us what causes climate change. Engineering gives us the technologies we need to curb climate change. Sociology can explain why, despite having the knowledge and know-how, very little is being done about it.