Kathleen Schaag
CS 3311
LMC 3432
Spring 2020
Fall 2019
Spring 2019

This course is part 1 of a two-semester Junior Design capstone course sequence that includes a computer science and technical communication component. This semester teams will develop a software solution to a problem defined by a real-world client. The semester culminates in the development of a prototype and its demonstration in a formal presentation. Supporting deliverables that teams create include a project vision statement, user stories, and a usability/design support document. The series of deliverables students create will integrate written, oral, visual, electronic and nonverbal (WOVEN) rhetorical skills for various audiences, purposes, and contexts applicable to students’ professional experiences in the workplace. This section also offers some student teams the option of partnering with clients and projects affiliated with SLS. In addition, course material may address design principles related to ecological, economic, and/or social sustainability.

Course Type
For CS and Computational Media majors ONLY
Course Level
Partner Engagement