Jenny McGuire

Courses Taught

Fall 2021, Fall 2019
BIOS 2300

Ecology is a flipped course where students work on applied problems, including those associated with climate change, invasive species, overexploitation etc.

Fall 2020

Conservation approaches have now entered the age of databases, remotely sensed data, computational modeling, and datasets based on long term monitoring.

Fall 2018
BIOL 8802/EAS 8802

The rapid change in climates across the globe requires us to determine which human and ecological systems will be most affected and how to alleviate climate vulnerability, which is captured by the concept climate resilience.

Spring 2018
BIOL 4813 MGU, BIOL 8813 MGU, EAS 4813 MGU, EAS 8813 MGU

Biodiversity Dynamics will be a project-based course will explore where plants and animals live on the landscape, and how and why they move or evolve in response to environmental changes and human impacts.