Carla Gerona
HTS 3100
Spring 2022

This introductory class in museum studies is a studio history class, in which you will be learning about museums by researching, doing, and creating. In Spring 2022 we have a unique opportunity to collaborate with the Historic Oakland Foundation and Serve, Learn, Sustain. Our exhibit will be about Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery, and we will consider Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion as we prepare our exhibit. Using hands-on activities, you will gain insight into history and museum studies through the completion of this studio project -- a public exhibit based on historical research. This year our exhibit will take place at the cemetery as well as have an online component. The class will partner with local communities to preserve cultural diversity and strengthen social ties and other connections to place. You will be exploring the way that words and pictures work together to tell stories, and you will share those stories with a larger audience. At the heart of this class is the idea that learning about how museums work and exhibit planning will be useful to all, not just someone who wants to go into Museum Studies or related fields. Whether you are in architecture, computing, engineering, or a history major, the competencies that you will develop in this class will help you in these and other careers, as you learn about an ever-more important form of communication during our own increasing digital times – museum curation.

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