Monica Sweat
CS 4400
Spring 2018
Spring 2017

A project-based database course offered within the college of computing. Using data from an existing serve, learn, sustain project we'll design a relational database to help analyze and query that data to help find solutions. We introduce the fundamental concepts necessary for the design and use of modern database systems in today’s large scale enterprise applications. We examine the concepts in the order that we typically encounter them in the actual database design process. We start with the problem of conceptually representing data that is to be stored in a database. From there, we see how the data in a conceptual data model can be converted to a database specific model (e.g., the relational data model). We also discuss various forms for relations that possess good properties. We see how to use the relational database language SQL to define the relations and to write SQL statements to insert, delete, retrieve and update the data. We also examine some of the fundamental storage structures that are used in relational database systems. We seek to offer a project related to the serve, learn, sustain movement. Each team of approximately 4 students will design a database solution for the project. Opportunities to attend SLS talks will be encouraged to help everyone understand ways to become involved and also help anchor the idea of our semester's project. The course is open to juniors, seniors, and graduate students. The prerequisite for the course is successful completion of CS 1301, CS 1315, or CS 1371. 

Course Type
CS1301, CS1371, or CS1315
Course Level
Partner Engagement