Richard Barke
PUBP 4803 RB
PUBP 8803 RB
Spring 2022

How many of today's leaders and citizens remember the Constitution's Preamble mandate to "secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves AND our posterity"? Perhaps it's not possible to design such a balance: doing so requires an awareness of intergenerational ethics, an ability to build long-term benefits and costs into our current policy analyses, a realistic understanding of the capabilities of our social and political institutions, and knowledge about the cognitive limits of humans to perceive and plan for future decades. How do we design solutions when the problems are uncertain and fluid? How stable are the values and basic needs of people across many decades? And our focus in this course: how can Georgia Tech students become more effective policy entrepreneurs who can help realize the Framer's promise of a balance between the demands of today's politics and our obligation to future generations?

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