Health, Community & Universal Design: A Focus on Neighborhood Farmers Markets

Fall 2018
Sarah Melgen
ID 4210
ID 6800

Universal Design in the Built Environment is a project-based, 3-credit course that explores the implications of human ability on the usability of places, products, interfaces, and systems for all individuals.  Course projects will engage students in solving real world problems through community-driven partnerships with the Georgia Farmers Markets Association and local markets.  Using a universal design approach, students will learn how to design for social impact and community health through a focus on local farmer's markets as a locus for social engagement, activity, and good nutrition.  

Through the new Serve-Learn-Sustain (SLS) Linked Courses program, students will have the unique opportunity throughout the semester to participate in transdisciplinary real-world problem-solving workshops with students from other classes that are focused on different aspects or community health.

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