GT as Living Lab- Whole Campus

Jessica Rose
Jessica Rose
Associate Director, Analytics and Communications, Facilities Management

How would you define this BIG IDEA?

The Living Laboratory concept will support applied learning for sustainability outcomes, utilizing the Georgia Tech campus as a place where real-world information is gathered, tested and improved. This concept is in its early stages of development, but we are already supporting many hands-on learning experiences and cooperative investigations.

How does this BIG IDEA about sustainable communities play out in your work?

These are some examples of living laboratory from our work:

Waste Management houses and makes available energy consumption statistics on a per-building and annual basis.
The EHS department has to monitor and report on air quality on campus, especially related to certain emissions.
The Design & Construction department is in charge of final building design. We have been open to including basic principles of bio-mimicry in building design on campus. The Capital Planning team utilizes principles for storm water master plan.
The Bee Campus USA Committee is focused on supporting biodiversity on campus to support pollinators. Four Georgia Tech Facilities Departments, as well as CPSM and Campus Sustainability are all represented on this committee.
Multiple A&F departments are involved in the campus water supply and how to manage it.
A key principle within multiple Facilities Management departments which has allowed us to gain 3rd-party certifications of our Green Cleaning and Landscape Maintenance programs, among other initiatives.

Big Idea: