Michael Best
CS 4803
CS 8803
Spring 2023

In this course, you will be a part of an international team, with students spanning our Atlanta, GT Shenzhen, and GT Lorraine campuses. Your global team will work to innovate customer segments and new solutions to some of the thorniest global challenges as framed by the UN SDGs. Each team will choose a goal (or goals) and set of relevant targets and indicators to focus their work on. This course will provide you with real-world, hands-on learning on what it’s like to create a global startup focused on a grand challenge. You will learn the language and values of entrepreneurship and then work in a small global virtual team to hone your entrepreneurial skills. This course is not about how to write a business plan, nor is it an exercise on how smart you are in a classroom, or how well you do research. Instead, it is a laboratory: you will be getting your hands dirty talking to customers, partners, and competitors, as you encounter the chaos and uncertainty of how a startup actually works. It is possible that you may create a startup you wish to pursue. 

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Partner Engagement