Alice Favero
PUBP 3315
Fall 2022
Fall 2021
Fall 2020
Spring 2019
Fall 2017

The course will focus on what constitutes effective environmental policy. First, we will analyze the evolution of environmental policy and actors in the environmental arena. Then, we will analyze why environmental policies are needed, discussing the issues of negative externalities and public goods. After that, we will discuss environmental policy instruments for addressing environmental issues at the local, regional, and global levels. Finally, we will define global and domestic issues addressed by environmental policies: climate change, local air pollution, energy, transportation, water, pollution and waste. The final section is dedicated to the topic of sustainable development. The goal of this course is to provide training in environmental policies to describe how economic, political, and social relationships develop, persist, and change. Students will have the ability to critically analyze environmental policies in the real world. They will be able to describe and analyze environmental policy tools and their implications.

Course Level
Partner Engagement
Core Curriculum Requirements