Environmental Engineering Senior Design

Spring 2018
Spring 2017
Fall 2016
John Koon
CEE 4090B

Capstone Design-Environmental Section is an interdisciplinary environmental design experience. The course is offered in parallel with the civil engineering section of the course; CEE students may form teams with mixed CE and EnvE composition; and teams from each program may perform projects in either section. Students form teams of 3 – 5 people, and these teams function as “companies” that provide engineering services under guidance of a sponsor on design project that the team selects. Students begin the semester responding as a team to a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) advertised from a local project sponsor.  Students then select their projects among many different sub-disciplines and themes in order based on their ranking on the RFQ response. Projects are sponsored by mostly local sponsors that include engineering firms, local and state government agencies and other similar groups. The projects are “real-world projects” that are currently being designed or considered by the sponsoring groups. Students work through the stages of problem definition, data acquisition, evaluation of design alternatives, selection of a preferred alternative, and design development. The primary work products for the design include preliminary engineering drawings and an accompanying professional engineering report; and an oral presentation of the final design made at the sponsor’s facility.    

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