Katherine Wright
ARCH 3855
ARCH 4855
Spring 2018

In partnership with The Pride School Atlanta, this course explores advocacy through the design of space at three scales of architecture (in this case, as the design of building): interior space, the building, and the landscape. Can architects re-imagine the future of educational spaces and social equity by placing attention to the bidirectional relationships of space and behavior within the context of gender equality and human rights? Can advocacy become a mainstream practice, a political voice, for architects? Students will proceed by questioning: what should be built, instead of, what can be built. The design approach will be through verbs (actions). To design just a school with what we know about contemporary school buildings is to design what is already known without understanding who The Pride School is today and who they aspires to be in the future. So, we will not design a school. We will design a community, a neighborhood, and network of sustainable relationships and healthy environments.

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Partner Engagement