Leah Misemer
ENGL 1102
Spring 2018

In this course, students will create research-based comics about a topic related to urban development, particularly in relationship to Atlanta’s underserved West Side neighborhood.  They will then present these comics at an on campus exhibition with the goal of raising awareness about the issues and assets of the West Side. While comics may seem an odd fit for serious issues, many organizations--from the UN to the Alzheimer's Association--and authors have begun using them to explore and educate on such topics as climate change, medical issues, and violence against women. By making choices regarding when to use text and image in comics form, and then presenting them in oral presentations at the exhibition, students will learn how to more effectively use the communication tools at their disposal in today’s multimedia landscape.  The course will speaker guest speakers from non-profit organizations working with the West Side, in addition to a comics workshop led by a guest artist.

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Partner Engagement