Jenny McGuire
BIOL 8802
EAS 8802
Fall 2018

The rapid change in climates across the globe requires us to determine which human and ecological systems will be most affected and how to alleviate climate vulnerability, which is captured by the concept climate resilience. While past studies have largely focused on climate resilience through the lens of either ecological or social systems, there is great potential in quantifying and optimizing climate resilience through the study of integrated social-ecological systems. Social, agricultural, and ecological systems are spatially and functionally integrated. But because the desired outputs of these systems differ, it can be challenging to create a common framework for quantifying climate resilience across these systems in a way that makes integrative planning possible. In this class, we will explore how different fields quantify and define climate resilience and try to establish a common framework across which we can communicate and integrate climate resilience. As a class, we will seek to create a review article on this topic.

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