Climate and Global Change

Fall 2021
Fall 2020
Jie He
EAS 4410

Climate change is among the greatest challenges facing humanity today. The course breaks down the scientific underpinnings of how increasing atmospheric greenhouse gases affect the global climate. By looking at the problem of climate change from multiple angles, students get a decent view of how a modern climate scientist works. The course also addresses the impacts of climate change and discusses the pros and cons of potential solutions. By the end of the course, the student should have a well-rounded understanding of the modern climate change and will be able to make well-informed assessments of new developments as they arise.  Students will be exposed to science from different fields, but no prior knowledge of any of these fields is required. The course consists of 9 Chapters, arranged into four major themes of climate change: science, evidence, impact and solution. On average four lectures are devoted to each chapter, including three regular lectures where the instructor will teach the essential concepts and one discussion lecture where either the instructor will present a special topic or students will discuss previously assigned reading materials. 

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