We are devastated by the violence being wrought on AAPI communities in Atlanta and around the country. We know that building community is one of the strongest ways to help everyone feel welcome and keep us all safe. We have been holding conversations in our classes and other activities where everyone can share what they’re experiencing, grieve together if they’d like, share resources, and identify new ways to support each other.

Our ongoing focus on equity as a key component of “creating sustainable communities” has never felt more relevant and important, as we also keep dealing with the devastation of the pandemic, and as the Derek Chauvin case for the murder of George Floyd gets underway, bringing to the fore once again all the trauma of the racial injustices from last spring and summer.

Here are some updated resources for learning, support, and action. We hope you will find them useful.  Please join us as we wrap our arms around our AAPI and BIPOC students, colleagues, and partners and continue to learn how to create anti-racist, welcoming communities that are safe for all.

In partnership, solidarity, and love –

The SLS Team – Jenny, David, Jamie, Kris, Rebecca, Ruthie


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