Lifecycle Analysis & Thinking

Lifecycle Analysis & Thinking- Social LCA

Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) is a specific analytical approach to evaluating the impact of human artifacts. It engages lifecycle thinking by guiding decision makers to consider each stage of that artifact’s lifecycle, from material extraction through production, use, and disposal, and consider the impacts of those stages.

Lifecycle Analysis & Thinking- The Engineering Perspective

Lifecycle thinking is most often considered in the context of products, but can also be applied to services and other systems that deliver a clear unit of value. The idea is to evaluate the multi-dimensional impacts of delivering the unit of value not just at its point of delivery but also tracing supply chains required to deliver the value back to their points of origin, considering the impacts during the time the unit of value is being provided, and during any disposal or recycling. 

Virtually Remaking Cities

In addressing their sustainability agenda through design and construction, cities are subject to unique challenges, which requires effective exchange of knowledge and subject matter expertise among distributed project teams. At the same time, design and construction projects are dynamic and uncertain, requiring considerable coordination, communication and leadership to execute. Executing such projects in a virtual environment can offer many advantages and facilitate the design efforts. Yet, coordination, communication and leadership become increasingly difficult.


Thermodynamics plays a critical role in the development of new systems which provide energy, reduce waste, and mitigate global climate change. This course will provide you with the fundamental skills necessary to develop strategies to solve a range of emerging engineering based problems. This will be done through first learning how to solve problems form a systems perspective, and secondly through understanding the mechanisms used to transfer, convert and store energy. While doing this, we will also explore how sustainability is factored in when designing energy systems.

Energy and Environmental Analysis

ISyE 4803 Energy and Environmental Analysis addresses energy and environmental assessment from a systems perspective. Designed for students who have already taken ISyE 3025 (Engineering Economics) and Physics 2211 and 2212 (introductory physics) the course provides an introduction to energy analysis and environmental lifecycle assessment, with application to energy efficiency, renewable energy, resource availability and environmental impacts. The course is open to students from all majors, but ISyE majors have first option.

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